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Sat, Dec. 3rd, 2016, 08:24 pm
Things that make America great...

The fact that a GED is required for most jobs... but not strictly required to be president of the United States.

Sat, Dec. 3rd, 2016, 08:15 pm

Sat, Dec. 3rd, 2016, 01:36 pm

facebook- the only place that will block you, but still continue to encourage you to post your food pictures.

because that is what makes america great.

Fri, Dec. 2nd, 2016, 10:52 pm

America needs billboards everywhere that display "congratulations, Youve Just Proved That Smear Campaigns Work!"

Fri, Dec. 2nd, 2016, 05:37 pm

I dont think I can eat peanut butter anymore.....

Thu, Dec. 1st, 2016, 09:19 pm

I Swear To God, If Someone Actualy Uses The Word Hashtag While Talking To Me As If They Were Online, Im Going To Punch Them In Their Face.

Thu, Dec. 1st, 2016, 04:28 pm

These days, I really do not celebrate holidays.

As for christmas, I make it a point never to ask or expect more from people than they have asked or expected out of me. I dont tell people what I "want for christmas" or expect to recieve anything. But if I get something, i wont refuse it, and will do my best to return the favor in kind.

As far as giving, I enjoy giving for the sake of giving, but I dont have the resources to make or purchess proper gifts. but I do what I can, when I can, for those who need the favor returned.

Thu, Dec. 1st, 2016, 01:27 pm

Captain Clonazepam to the Rescue!!!!

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